Writing a Circle of Awareness and Care

This course is grounded in a view of writing as a way of being in the world—aware, reflective, and open. An important component of our work together is an individual and collective commitment to listening with a gentle heart to others, to ourselves, and to our environment. We will engage a structure for writing practice that serves the establishment of a supportive community—and that deepens our relationships with language, words, and one another. 

Sw Miksang Winter 2021 

Writing Skills Intermediate/Advanced - Spring 2021

Live sessions are Thursdays at 6:30pm.  If you miss a live session, you will need to complete in-class activities independently.  Live session recordings and/or resources will be available over Moodle.

This is an online course. You will write short, moderately complex text for real life.  You will write paragraphs with clearly expressed main ideas and supporting ideas.  You will improve upon your grammar, spelling and vocabulary.  

The class meets online Thursdays (6:30-8:30pm).  The link to the weekly live session will be emailed upon registration. Live session recordings and resources will be posted to Moodle. 

These courses are for learners who speak English and want to upgrade their skills and for those who are currently learning English.

Visit https://www.stalbertfurthered.com/event-category/english/ for more info and to register.

Essay Writing SOS:    Join us in Spring 2021 for these engaging live sessions!   Build the confidence and skills you need to write a variety of essay types for school, work or English language proficiency exams. 

Live sessions are on Wednesday evenings (6:30-8:00pm).  Weekly writing practice is due on Sundays for individualized feedback.

Participate in all modules or just the ones that interest you.

Week 1:  Module 1 - Introduction to Paragraph & Essay-Writing Format, Vocabulary and Grammar

Weeks 2-3:  Module 2 - Strategies for Writing a Problem/Solution Essay 

Weeks 4-5:  Module 3 - Strategies for Writing a Discussion Essay

Weeks 6-7:  Module 4 - Strategies for Writing an Opinion Essay

Weeks 8-9:  Module 5 - Strategies for Writing an Advantages/Disadvantages Essay

Week 10:  Module 6 - Overview of Vocabulary, Grammar and Strategies from Modules 1-5

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Are you looking for a job and need to refine your professional writing skills? Whether you are a young professional or a job seeker with experience, this course will help you become aware of the writing conventions in the job market and highlight your strengths. You will learn to create cover letters, resumes, and CVs to improve your chances at being granted an interview. In this course, you will also improve your professional writing etiquette and learn how to build persuasive arguments, crucial for negotiations and professional development.

Visit https://www.stalbertfurthered.com/event-category/english/ for more info and to register.