St. Albert Further Education now offers some of our courses online.  For details about each course, please click on the icon to the right of the course listing.

    Available courses

    This is a series of 10 modules adapted from those developed by NorQuest College.  This course will prepare learners to study online.  

    St. Albert Further Education is hosting this course Feb-May 2020 for anyone who wants to know more about online learning.  You can complete as many modules as you like.  Each module contains a quiz so you can check your understanding.

    Click on the course name at to create a Moodle account.  You can then enrol in Preparation for Online Learning for FREE!

    In St. Albert Further Education's Online Teaching Community, our teachers can:

    - participate in discussions with other St. Albert Further Education teachers
    - share resources for online teaching and learning
    - access training opportunities for teaching online
    - access online learning resources that can be used in individual course(s)

    If you have any questions, please contact us at